Wireless Networking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Architectures, Protocols and Applications

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IEEE International Conference on Global Communications (GLOBECOM 2010)

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Aims and Scope

The availability of low-cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), such as unmanned quadrocopters and blimps, opens up the prospects of an entirely new class of Low Altitude Wireless Network Platforms, which are hosted at altitudes of up to a few hundred meters. These aerial networks allow on one hand new sensor applications like 3D-air-quality-measurements and on the other new navigational strategies that are based on inter-robot communication like swarming. The corresponding wireless network needs to provide highly reliable and low delay control links and data links for administering and managing UAVs and user/sensor/mission data respectively. At the same time, UAVs offer the capability to provide ad-hoc wireless networks, for example to facilitate temporary hot spots in case of public events and emergencies. In addition, UAV-based networks may be flexibly deployed to compensate network outages.

The workshop aims to share and discuss most recent results of various international research initiatives in the area of communication systems for aerial wireless networks. The focus of the workshop will be solely based on projects and research aiming at civilian applications.

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