Driving Factors in Industry for UAVs, Present and Future

Harris Teague, PhD, Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, USA

UAV markets continue to grow quickly and the list of potential applications and benefits is long. However, there are important limiting factors that are restricting this growth and there is a strong interest in industry to address and find solutions to these factors. In particular, this talk will focus on technologies that the speaker believes to be key enablers to growing UAV markets and applications in the future.

Harris Teague is Principal Engineer/Manager at Qualcomm Research. Prior to Qualcomm, he worked on low-cost GPS-based avionics at a startup, and then on telematics at General Motors’ OnStar division. At Qualcomm, he has worked on a range of wireless projects including Bluetooth, WCDMA, ultra-wideband, and an OFDMA-based precursor to LTE called UMB. Now, he is returning to his roots as System Engineering Lead in our robotics project in Qualcomm Research. Harris is an inventor on over 60 granted US patents. He holds a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech, and MS and PhD in Aerospace from Stanford University.